Description Part #
1″ wheel spacer 616081
10mm bolt 26707G01
10mm nut 71597G01
12v Power outlet 616192
2″ wheel spacer  
3 hole leaf spring clamp 616011
3/8 bolt 612958
3/8 nut 13521G4
400 amp. Fuse 618572
5/16 bolt 629496
5/16 nut 444718
60 amp. Fuse 52794-4242-1
8mm x 1.25 bolt 616699
8mm x 1.25 lock nut 619245
8mm. din 1.25 flat washer 616592
Accel. Recall kit (series) 619018
Accelerator magnet   (ITS) 616136
Accelerator micro switch 616137
Accelerator recall (SEVCON) 617866
Adjustable bumper 70113G01
Adjuster, Brake cable 616417
Air Cleaner element 28463G01
Air filter cover 72179G02
Air filter element 26635G01
Air, Cleaner 72368G01
Air, Cleaner 72987G01
Aluminum bed 630954
Ambush, 2013 actuator 630353
Ambush, 2014 actuator 633577
Ambush, 48v Solenoid 612711
Ambush, Axle Bearing 28703G01
Ambush, Bucket hugger 628544
Ambush, Cushion (BOTTOM) LH 75833G05
Ambush, cushion bottom (RH) 75834G05
Ambush, Fuel pack 628543
Ambush, Fuel pack jr. 628542
Ambush, Grab handle 619341
Ambush, Gun boot kit 628541
Ambush, Gun mount kit(rhino grips) 628540
Ambush, Gun mount loop 627087
Ambush, Hard top 628584
Ambush, Ign. Switch (also RXV-E) 609692
Ambush, Power assist dump kit 74658G05
Ambush, Rear guard 627088
Ambush, Soft top 629456
Ambush, Solf windshield 629455
Ambush, Tactical gun boot kit 628537
Ambush, Water fill nipple MHABAQDV505
Ambush, Windshield kit (split) 627080
Axle, Front  nut 612928
AXLE, Front bearing 616017
Axle, Front seal 15114g1
Axle, Left front 618389
Axle, Left rear 618382
Axle, Rear bearing 15112g1
Axle, rear hub 615604
Axle, Rear nut 612928
Axle, Rear seal 15114G1
Axle, Right front 618213
Axle, Right rear 616010
Battery fill jug 616471
Battery, clamp (CENTER)plastic 616220
Battery, hold down bolt (CENTER) 01101G01
Battery, hold down bolt (SIDE) 616217
Battery, side clamp 616229
BBB, Support front roof 616299
Bed, Cable assy. 602904
Brake cable adjuster 616417
Brake cable bracket left (classic) 616420
Brake cable bracket Rt.(classic) 616421
Brake Drum 616428
Brake petal assy. 70264G01
Brake shoe 70795G01
Brake, adjuster  (RT) 72582G02
Brake, adjuster (LT) 72582G01
Brake, backing plate  (Left) 616422
Brake, backing plate (Right) 616423
Brake, backing plate bolt & nut(SET) u3215-40001004
Brake, cable left (SHORT) 616424
Brake, cable right (LONG) 616425
Brake, drum 616428
Brake, Drum 75573G01
Brake, Pad & pin kit (one side) 74917G01
Brake, Pad for retro kit 616414
Brake, spring kit 27944G01
Bumper, Rest 74947G01
Bushing, Flanged 70291G01
Cable, Battery + or – 616146
Cable, Classic battery set 616210
Cable, Long (battery) 616140
Cable, Short (battery) 616141
Cable, XTO battery set 616390
Caliper, (LT) 74733G02
Caliper, (RT) 74733G01
Canopy, (TAN) 27069G07
Carburetor, assy. 2 vent 603901
Carburetor, assy. Nggc. 607955
Charge meter  (48v) 616174
Charge plug 28030G01
Charge plug handle 616150
Charger receptacle  (Lester) 616147
Charger, 48v ALG SVC-3M(TRI-angle) 622418
Charger, 48v Yellow– (TRI-angle) 622419
Charger, DPI 48v (red plug) 616148
Charger, Dual pro (crow foot) 616154
Charger, service kit, charger/ plug 48v 626392
Charger,DPI  72v 626766
Clevis pin, 2″x 1-3/4 14443G11
Clevis pin, 2″x 2-1/16 14443G12
Clevis pin, 2″x 2-7/8″ 14443G10
Controller, cover 616230
Controller, Navitas 616162
Controller, Sevcon 616165
Controller, Speed 25864G09
Controller, Speed (DCS) 73144G06
CV, boot clamp (LARGE) 622141
CV, boot clamp (SMALL) 622415
CV, joint 616015
CV, joint   (BOOT) 616016
Dana Diff cover 601085
Dash warning lable 616086
Dashboard, plastic nails 616320
Dashboard, push rivets 616802
Decal, Classisc (SIDE) 616980
Deutsch connector kit (controller) 616163
Diff. input shaft (21) 612556
Diff. pan bolts  
Differential freeze plug 601064
Differential,  Dana   XT 616963
Differential, front kit 616027
Differential, Team  (rear) 616903
Double Contactor FWD/REV 616160
Double gun & bow rack 616477
E  clip 616429
Enclosure, Mossy Oak 616480
Extension Spring 28574G01
EZGO, 14v solenoid 612813
EZGO, 48v Controller 612632
Ezgo, Accelerator cable 72713G01
Ezgo, Accelerator cable 72713G02
EZGO, Accelerator cable w/nut 72065G01
EZGO, Brake motor 610065
EZGO, Camshaft (piece man/exh) 72394G01
EZGO, Choke control assy. 25693G01
EZGO, Drive belt 72054G01
EZGO, Exhaust valve 26617G01
EZGO, Headlight bulb 74004G01
EZGO, headlight jumper wire 74337G01
EZGO, Headlight mount bracket(LT) 74236G04
Ezgo, seat cvr,bottom stone beige 600221
EZGO, Spark plug wire set 26733G01
EZGO, Starter/Gen. belt 630587
EZGO, Strut rear 605931
EZGO, Throttle cable 72714G01
EZGO, Voltage reg. 27739G01
EZGO, WIRE, 4AWG, green (11.5) 607591
EZGO, WIRE, 4AWG, green (28) 607592
EZGO, WIRE, 4AWG, green (37″) 607593
EZGO, WIRE, 4AWG, green (7) 607590
Ezgo,seat cvr,bck rst, stone beige 605537
Fender flare left front (CLASSIC) 71338G01
Fender flare, Right front (classic) old 71338G02
Flasher 21640G1
Flip seat bolts (1.25 x 25) 616697
Flip seat frame 616252M
Front basket support (LT / CL) 619355
Front bumper support 616276
Front Differential , kit 616027
Front hub bolts U3215-41121
Front leaf spring (3) 616096
Front leaf spring (4) 70664G03
Front motor cover 616261
Fuel filter, 7-02357-1
Fuel Filter, Wix 33001
Fuel pump, RXV/TXT 602061
Fuel, Gauge 21553G1
Fuse box 616168
Gauge, Fuel level sender 20048G2
Grease fitting, 90 degree 18456G1
Grease fitting, straight 10389G3
Headlight assy. 616169
Headlight bezel (DR) 616348
Headlight bezel (PASS) 616349
Headlight bulb  (H4) 616139
Hinge, (FEMALE) 602558
Hinge, (MALE) 71610G01P
Hitch pin 616264
Hitch, receiver (LONG) 616265
Hitch, receiver (SHORT) 616286
Hood rack, recoil,ambush,instict 627075
Horizonal gun rack 626468
Horn 32860G1
Horn switch 17318G1
Horn switch boot 27068G01
Hub bearing 616018
Hub cap       BBB. 616012
Hydrolink pump (new style) 614472
Key  (BBB) 26884G01
Key switch  w/o lights 616198
Key, (EZGO) 17063G1
Key, Double sided 616319
king pin (lower) 619238
king pin (upper) 619237
king pin nut 619239
Label,  ign. Only (TXT) 71145g01
Label,  ign. Only w/headlights 71181G01
Label,  low fuel- oil- w/headlights 71183G01
Label,  w/lights – soc. 71129G02
Label, Horn switch 19233G1
Label, Ign w/lights / soc /dir. 74322G01
Leaf Spring 616096
Leaf spring, bushing 616094
Leaf spring, bushing sleeve 616095
Leaf spring, front bolt 616102
Leaf spring, rear bolt 616102
Light, Dash (GREEN) 621259
Lights, 2″ LED light kit 629631
Lights, 30″ LED light kit 629632
Lights, 6″ LED light kit 629633
Lights, Marker bulb 74005G01
lug nuts 616099
Motor, Cover 27166G04
Motor, Electric, 48v (AC) 611355
Motor, SepEx (4 brush) 616175
Motor, SepEx (8 brush) 616176
Motor, Series 616177
Oil filter 26591G01
Oil filter NGGC 607454
Oil pump, O ring 26711G01
Plate,  ign. – soc. 73030G02
Plate,  ign. – soc. – direction 73030G06
prop rod 616374
Rear leaf spring 616098
Receiver, Rear hitch kit 74270G12
Receptacle, 48v delta_Q 613304
Recoil / Instint, BFS 629130
Recoil IS,  BFS 629128
Recoil, Enclosure w/doors 637643
Recoil, Front frame assy. 626097
Recoil, Side mirror kit 633033
Relay, 12v 603282
Retainer, Air intake 72413G01
Retro Brake kit 617953
Retro Brake pads 616414
Rivet (push) 617533
Rivet, aluminum 71055G01
Rivet, Black aluminum 616378
Rivet, black slotted 15058G6
Rivet, stainless (REAR FENDER) 616375
Roof, rubber gasket 616291
Roof, spacer 75048G04
RXV, Accel. Switch 612889
RXV, Battery fill system (48v) 609801
RXV, Charge Meter 612314
RXV, Coil Assy.(IGN) 603572
RXV, Ing. Switch & key 609692
RXV, motor brake 610065
RXV, Windshield kit (split) 606584
Seat handle (LEFT) 616294
Seat handle (RIGHT) 616295
Seat, Bench 616296
Seat, Flip board 616250
Seat, Flip cushion only (BLACK) 616373
Seat, Flip seat complete 616372
Series key switch  w/lights 616201
Shock absorber 616185
Shock, bushing 10194G1
Single contactor   (4×4 SERIES) 616161
Snap ring  (front & rear axle) 15113G1
Solenoid,  48v (trombetta) 621330
Solenoid, 48v (SEVCON) 73231G01
Steering box Lt. Inner 616091
Steering box Lt. Outer 616088
Steering box Rt. Inner 616089
Steering box Rt. Outer 616090
steering,  kit 622657
Steering, column 70721G01
Steering, Wheel 71948G01
Switch multi (headlight, brake, 4×4) 616303
Switch, 3 pos. 626658
Switch, Fwd / Rev 74323G01
Tie rod (classic) 616107
Tire 18 x 8.5 x 8 (used) 612772U
tube plug (1.5″ OD) 628915
Tune up, Kawasaki kit 611879
Tune up, ST480 5119A
TXT, Battery fill system (36v) 607554
TXT, Fender flare kit (front) 612905
TXT, Fender flare kit (Rear) 612906
TXT, Front strut 75045G05
USED  Differential pan (DANA) 620348
Watering kit (DOUBLE 3 / 12v FRONT) 628672
Watering kit (SINGLE 8v Front) 629127
Winch, Cable kit 633509
Winch, Powermax (2500) 630333
Winch, Powermax (3500) 630334
Winch, Warn (2500) 618733
Winch, Warn (3000) 633488
Winch, Wire kit 60076
Windsheild Hinge (recoil-ambush)  
Windshield , Classic / Lt 616313
Windshield , XT 616315
Windshield, clips (CLASSIC) 616317
Windshield, clips (LSV) 616317
Windshield, flip, acrylic (TXT) PF10915
Windshield, hardware (EZGO) 616292
Wire, Harn. (CONTROL) 73191G01
Wiring,  Brass bar  (BLUE) 616143
Wiring,  Brass bar  (RED) 616142
Wiring,  Charge wire (RED PLUG) 616157
Wiring,  Headlight wire 616171
XD,  Cable, Gear shifter u3210-64351
XD, Bed extenion kit 617357
XD, Element assy.(air) T2350-11641
XD, Flip-lok bushing 22754G4
XD, Fog lamp kit 617353
XD, Front hitch receiver 617345
XD, Fuel filter 84612-4316-0
XD, Glove box cover u3215-81302
XD, Head rest assy. 617355
XD, Hood (BLUE) u3215-91122
XD, Hood (CAMO) 618098
XD, Oil filter E5205-32091
XD, Oil seal (30*40*8) u3215-16411
XD, Oil seal (38*54*9.5*) u3215-13221
XD, Oil strainer E5775-32111
XD, Park brake buzzer kit 617359
XD, Rear screen 617350
XD, Safety lamp kit 617352
XD, Side view mirror kit 617356
XD, Skid plate assy. 617349
XD, Steering wheel T2350-55452
XD, Storage pouch (55″) 618710
XD, Winch mounting kit 624554
XD, Windshield kit 617344
XD, Work lamp kit 617354
XT, 8mm-1.25 zinc plated nut 616593
XT, A arm bushing 70581G01
XT, A-Arm bolt (CHINA)  
XT, A-Arm insert 618393
XT, Aluminum sleeve 616550
XT, Aluminum sleeve (BOTTOM) 616656
XT, Ball joint 616064
XT, Ball joint retainer screws 616065
XT, banjo bolt 616459
XT, Battery cable set 616390
XT, Battery fill system  
XT, brace for foot board 616334M
XT, Brake cable 616447
XT, brake caliper (front) 616441
XT, brake caliper (left rear) 616439
XT, brake caliper (right rear) 616440
XT, Brake line kit (FRONT) 616453
XT, Brake line kit (rear) 616455
XT, brake pad 616450
XT, brake petal 616442
XT, caliper mount bracket 616451
XT, Center battery clamp 616037
XT, crush washer 616456
XT, CV axle assy. 633667
XT, Diagonal brace 616336M
XT, Differental REAR (DANA) 625871
XT, Differential output shaft kit 616020
XT, double gun / bow rack 616478
XT, Dual rate spring 618346
XT, Flip seat frame 616338M
XT, flip seat siderail (LEFT) 616551M
XT, Flip seat support 616337M
XT, Foot board 616335M
XT, front basket support (LEFT) 616553M
XT, front basket support (RIGHT) 616554M
XT, Front fender flare (left) 616237
XT, Front fender flare (right) 616240
XT, Front roof brace 616342M
XT, Front roof support 616340M
XT, front roof support 616350M
XT, FWD/REV switch 616196
XT, grill appron 618613
XT, headlight switch 616304
XT, hub bearing 616041
XT, Hub spacer (outer) 616042
XT, Hub w/rotor & studs 616044
XT, Hub washer 616052
XT, key switch  (BLACK) 616198
XT, Lower A-arm assy. 616035
XT, LSV windshield clips 616318
XT, Master cylinder 616449
XT, Park brake boot 616448
XT, Rear brake cable 616447
XT, Rear brake line kit 616455
XT, Rear fender flare (LFT) 616237
XT, Rear fender flare (RT) 616236
XT, rear foot board handle ( u-bar) 616333M
XT, Rear handle brace 616334M
XT, rear roof support 616339M
XT, rocker panel   left 616359
XT, rocker panel   right 616355
XT, Snap ring (HUB) 616051
XT, Spring base washer 616053
XT, Spring cap (FRONT) 616054
XT, Spring retaining nut 616056
XT, Steering arm (aluminum) 626725
XT, Strech petal adapter (RECALL) 618624
XT, Strut 616040
XT, Strut base (LH) 616038
XT, strut base (RH) 616039
XT, Strut base washer 616053
XT, Strut bushing -(FEMALE) 616057
XT, Strut bushing-(MALE) 616058
XT, Strut washer 616060
XT, taillight assy. (LT) 616514
XT, taillight assy. (RT) 616515
XT, Tie rod (FRONT) 616067
XT, Tie rod (REAR) 616068
XT, Tie rod braket (DANA) 616029
XT, Tie rod braket (TEAM) 616028
XT, Windshield clips 616318
XTO, Battery clamp front 616397
XTO, Battery clamp rear 616396
XTO, Battery fill system (48v) 616799
XTO, Battery tray (front) 616308
XTO, grill appron 616370
Z    leg     (basket brace) 616345M
Zener Diode 616128



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